A True and Loyal Defender

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It was past 2am as Ajesh and Arnold made their way home from the hotel on foot. The street was poorly lit and the air felt stale and eerily quiet. In the stillness of the night, they sensed moments and shadows. They were being stealthily followed by men on motorbikes!
Hearts pounding with fear, Ajesh and Arnold quickened their pace.
Just as they turned into a lane that would lead them home, one of the burly men who had been tailing them shot out an arm and tried to snatch Ajesh’s backpack, loosely slung across his back.
The violent pull lifted Ajesh off the ground and he landed hard on his knees, yelping in pain. Without considering his own safety and not wanting Ajesh to lose the cash in his backpack, Arnold began a fierce tug of war with the snatch thief, holding on with his might to the backpack and all the while shouting at the top of his lungs to summon help.
Luckily for them, neighbors came running and the robbers fled without making away with Ajesh’s belongings.
In the violent struggle, Arnold pulled a muscle and the skin on his arms which sustained deep scratches started to bleed.
Paying no heed to his injury, he turned to Ajesh who was trembling from the scary encounter and helped Ajesh onto his feet.
Ignoring Ajesh’s decline, Arnold insisted on walking him safely home.
That night of shared danger further cemented their friendship and Ajesh was full of gratitude to his loyal friend, who not only put up a fierce struggle to keep his belongings safe, but also fought to keep him safe.

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