Warmed by a Shawl

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The restaurant was especially crowded that afternoon and there were many diners to serve. One moment Sherry was attending to a family that would like a high chair for their toddler, and the next moment she was helping to set an extra place for a late addition to the table.
All this while, Sherry still took the time to cast an eye over the crowd to ensure that no one had been left unattended. That was when she noticed an elderly gentleman, seated by himself next to the window. He was sipping hot tea. Sherry was about to return to her task at hand when she noticed that his legs were shaking.
That gentleman must be feeling cold," she thought. Hurrying to her locker, Sherry retrieved a shawl that she kept there. The shawl had kept her warm on particularly cold days.
Returning to the restaurant, she approached the guest with a warm smile. After asking after him, she gently wrapped the shawl around his legs. The guest was pleasantly surprised and very touched by Sherry’s kind act. A shawl was just what he needed at that moment and Sherry had not missed his need despite the crowd. Her keen observation and kind act wowed the guest and really made his day.

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